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Composer-Producer Jim Daneker and Singer-Songwriter (Vanessa Campagna) are excited to announce they are combining forces to release a series of epic pop music under the brand STEREO PHOENIX starting in mid-2019. 

Both artists, with busy careers of their own, have recognized an opportunity to explore some new creative outlets by combining their skills.

With Jim’s cinematic scoring & pop/rock production instincts and Vanessa’s powerhouse vocals & songwriting chops, these two creatives believe there is potential for magic in their collaboration, resulting in music that’s big, bold, and shamelessly fun.

Their first project was a simple experiment meant to compare microphones – a cover of the hit song “Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. While they stayed faithful to the film’s arrangement, they quickly realized their potential for more adventurous pop/rock material given their range of influences.

Imagine a synth-laden pop track by Zedd, gritty drums and guitars from Euro-rockers Carpark North, and elements of an epic film trailer – all topped with soaring melodies and powerful vocals by both artists. This is STEREO PHOENIX.

With production underway on their first single (slated for release by summer 2019), get ready for something extraordinary.

Watch the teaser below, along with their cover of Never Enough - also available for sale and streaming on iTunes/Apple Music and all other digital outlets.


Buy the digital version of AD ALTA on iTunes here! Reviews greatly appreciated!