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BackStage Pass is a comprehensive virtual keyboard system designed for Apple’s MainStage. It is first and foremost a collection of world-class sounds, all crafted to be playable in a live setting. Unlike MainStage expansions that are simply new patches based on factory content, BackStage Pass includes over 16GB of all new material expertly sampled from a world-class keyboard collection.

BackStage Pass is based on the keyboard rig of industry veteran Jim Daneker - longtime Musical Director, keyboard player and producer for CCM icon Michael W. Smith. And although it’s designed for modern worship players, it is perfectly suited for any keyboardist. It’s the perfect foundation for creating the rig of your dreams, and represents decades of expertise and hard work.

BackStage Pass is far more than a collection of great sounds... It’s en entire keyboard ecosystem built from the ground up, and it features a really important aspect: CONTROL.

Ever get frustrated with the limitations of small plastic fader/knob controllers, having to remember what functions are assigned to what controls, or mess with sticky labels - let alone try to see it on a dark stage? Here’s your BackStage Pass to a whole new world….

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The included controller profiles for TouchOSC let you run your key rig almost exclusively from any iPad - all the way back to the original which can be found for $40 on Ebay - with a jaw-dropping amount of customization and visual feedback. This system is light years beyond small, limited hardware controllers and it goes FAR deeper. And of course, you can customize it to your heart’s content!

As if that weren’t enough, BackStage Pass also includes a handful of valuable technical resources that will help you get the most out of your MainStage rig: custom reverb impulses sampled from legendary units like the Lexicon 480L, Bricasti M7 and others; a collection of OSX tips and Terminal commands that make your Mac run at full speed, optimized for live use; forthcoming tutorial videos, tips & tricks, including the long-requested “how to believably mimic real strings on a keyboard” - a game changer by itself; custom plug-in and channel strip settings, track icons, Logic/MainStage-specific tools, and more. Note: some features will be included in the first FREE update shortly after release.

BackStage Pass is just the foundation of a growing system; there are already several optional expansions in the works, each focusing on specific territory, and with very unique approaches: Yamaha’s DX series, 80’s synth icons, creative synth arpeggios, and more live strings content just for starters.

In summary, BackStage Pass is truly that: a look behind the curtain at the resources & techniques employed by top touring & studio professionals at the highest levels - and an opportunity to have those sounds & tools in your hands.

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