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For Logic Pro 9 & X

As many Yamaha MONTAGE owners know, you cannot use its 8 faders for anything other than CC7 (MIDI volume), which is a severe limitation when trying to control external MIDI gear, virtual instruments, or plugins.

Fortunately for LOGIC PRO users (both 9 and X), I've created a solution: MONTAGE CONTROL. This is a custom Logic environment layer that transforms MONTAGE fader movement into whatever MIDI controllers you wish - including a "drawbar mode" where the faders work in reverse for controlling organ plugins.

This custom Logic environment can be integrated into any existing Logic session, or you can make it a part of your template going forward, so any future sessions will take advantage of MONTAGE fader movements.

And the icing on the cake for Hammond Organ lovers: MONTAGE CONTROL comes with my custom B3 channel strip for Logic, modeled after Peter Frampton's vintage B3 and Leslie 147, which I've had the privilege to play for over 20 years with CCM icon Michael W. Smith, who bought it from Peter in 1995. You won't find a better "clonewheel" anywhere!

Note that while MONTAGE CONTROL will work with any organ or synth plugin, the custom channel strip included and featured in the video above requires Logic X and GSi's VB3 plugin and Soundradix 32 Lives plugin wrapper; both are sold separately:



While certainly ideal for controlling organ plugins, MONTAGE CONTROL can be used for *any* assignable control on virtual instruments, sample libraries, DAW controls, audio plugins... you name it. Nothing special is required on MONTAGE - simply play any "Performance" where the faders transmit volume (most of them do) - and the custom Logic environment remaps the incoming MIDI in real time, as you play, with no latency. Also, the SuperKnob can be used as a "ninth drawbar" and remapped as well!

Finally, while this was designed for MONTAGE, it can be easily adapted in Logic to transform any incoming MIDI CC to any other. For example, Roland RD-2000 users can use Montage Control to remap that keyboard's faders to other MIDI CCs as well.


MONTAGE CONTROL is just $20 (US)  and includes my custom Hammond B3 channel strip for Logic Pro X as heard in the video above.

NOTE: Hammond B3 channel strip requires Logic X 10.3.2, GSI VB3 and SoundRadix 32 Lives - all sold separately.

MONTAGE CONTROL includes versions for both Logic Pro 9.1.8 and Logic Pro X 10.3.2.

Buy the digital version of AD ALTA on iTunes here! Reviews greatly appreciated!