Jim Daneker

music to inspire


The Whine Cellar is a computer-based environment designed primarily for scoring to picture, programming and mixing in 5.1 surround. Running a 1000+ track Logic template networked via 5 computers with Vienna Ensemble Pro, no score or arrangement is too ambitious.

Gear Favorites

  • Universal Audio Apollo audio interfaces & plugins
  • ADAM S3H main monitors; Polk, Yamaha, Audix nearfields; NHT B-20 subs
  • Custom-designed controllers using Contour Design Shuttle Pro, TouchOSC via iPad
  • Yamaha P300 digital piano, Access Virus & Yamaha Montage synths
  • Sample libraries: Spitfire, LA Scoring Strings, Cinesamples, East West, Project SAM, Embertone, 8DIO, Tonehammer, Heavyocity, Output REV & Signal, Spectrasonics, VSL... you name it, I have it, along with a massive private library full of "secret weapon" samples
  • Stunning 1964 Hammond A102 (B3) & Leslie 147 maintained by Nashville Pro Hammond

Buy the digital version of AD ALTA on iTunes here! Reviews greatly appreciated!