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You've reached ground zero for news on the AD ALTA project, available now!

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ad alta Teaser trailer, January 2016:

ad alta Teaser trailer, January 2017:

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AD ALTA scoring session news feature, march 2017:


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Director Quotes

“The first time Jim played me some ideas he had written for my film, I was taken aback. It was tender, haunting, and ethereal all at once - everything I wanted the score to be. And what's more, it was memorable. Amazingly, Jim had found a way to capture what was happening emotionally on screen and translate that into music, and that's no simple feat. Our collaboration was a joy.”

     - Ryan Smith, Director, Seabourne Pictures


"Yes, it's a visual medium, but music can make or break every piece we do.  When we've got Jim committed to do the score, I rest easier, knowing that his music will make our project the best that it can be. We've used him several times, and he has always delivered in an excellent way."

     - Ken Carpenter, Director, Franklin Films


"Jim is fantastic.  His score for The Mercy Gene just blew me away.  More than that, he was tremendous to work with - very collaborative, flexible, and open to any ideas I had to contribute.  Jim is any director's dream composer."

     - Marcus MacGregor, Director, Vital Myth Entertainment


“Great artists have instinct. It's what makes them unique and differentiates them from all the rest. Jim has that... His music has that ability to connect on a primal level. He's a gifted artist that will elevate your work to the next level.”

    - Scotty Curlee, Director, Red Cloud Productions

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